Chantal Baker, is the director and founder of Champ Consultants Ltd, an accountancy and tax consultancy practice in Caterham.

A pitch can be used by anyone at any time. The main time you may use your pitch is when you get asked the question “What do you do?”.  We are frequently asked this question and this is where our pitch comes into play.

A pitch can vary in length from a basic 15 seconds to 4 minutes, depending on the circumstances.  The tips when writing a pitch are as follows:

  • be clear in who you are and your qualification
  • explain the problem that people have
  • explain how you solve that problem
  • provide when with a next step, a call to action
  • leave them feeling that they are interested and want to know more.

These are some top mistakes that people make and you need to avoid:

  • being needy
  • waffling and talking too much
  • using jargon
  • not practising
  • waiting for the perfect pitch – it may never be perfect.

Good luck with writing your pitch and good luck in getting what you want from your pitch.

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