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28 – Growing a community newspaper to cover 22 towns and villages Your Business Hour

Louise started her newspaper just prior to lock down, she grew it to cover 22 towns and villages in Surrey and is one of the only online newspapers around.Your Business Hour podcast is hosted by the founders of Champ Consultants, Chantal and Matthew Baker. They are both accountants and bring a wealth of knowledge, experience and business tips to their chat. They interview guests who tell their business stories, as well as considering the latest topics in business and finance.New podcasts are released weekly on a Tuesday and you can follow us on:Instagram: @your.businesshourFacebook: @your.businesshour
  1. 28 – Growing a community newspaper to cover 22 towns and villages
  2. 27 – is a great website set up for anyone over 50 and gives you so much.
  3. 26 – Are you Freelance Curious? Do you want to work for yourself?
  4. 25 – What is it really like being part of a franchise?
  5. 24 – Uprooting a London based business and moving to Yorkshire
  6. 23 – What colour energy are you and how does it affect you in business?
  7. 22 – How to deal with nerves with a few quick tips
  8. 21 – Shampoo bars, toothpaste tablets, konjac sponge are some of the products discussed
  9. 20 – Mindset tips to enable your business and team to grow
  10. 19 – Did you know that decay detection is like an ultrasound for trees? Tom explains