Chantal Baker, is the director and founder of Champ Consultants Ltd, an accountancy and tax consultancy practice in Caterham.

We are nearly approaching the summer holidays and those of us with our own business who have children may want to consider employing our children over the summer holidays.

This is legally allowed as long as your child is above the legal age limit in your area. You can check what this is on your local council website. Ages differ in different areas and hours allowed to work may be restricted for school-age children and you may need a child work permit from your county council for school-aged children.

The sort of jobs your child can do depends on your business. Employing your children in your business means they will earn a salary and can be added on your payroll. The legal requirements of minimum wage and workplace pension need to be adhered to as they do with all employees.

There are huge benefits to employing your children and these are not just restricted to the tax savings made in the tax-deductible salary paid to them. The main benefit is the experience your child will gain in working in the business.

Here are a few ideas of jobs that your child can do:

  • work on a shop floor so they gain customer service skills and skills in talking to complete strangers
  • administrative roles such as filing to understand the need to be organised
  • bookkeeping to understand how the business actually works and computer skills
  • social media updates – some of our children may be better than us at doing these skills
  • PowerPoint presentations, again allowing them to use different software and understand the business
  • allow them to answer the phone in a reception role
  • stock control and ordering new stock
  • distribution of leaflets as a form of advertising

These are just some of the roles children may do and there are many more depending on their age and experience.

It will also enable them to see the skills they enjoy doing, the environment they enjoy working in and those that they do not.

As well as the skills the children will learn through this work experience there is the main skill they will learn which is the value of money.

How working makes you money and once you have that money how to budget in order to have savings for items you want to buy in the future and for things you need now. These are life skills and they are never too young to start understanding the value of money and the need to save for the bigger item and the rainy day.  

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