On Friday 7 April, Chantal and Matthew met up with Sally and Ron Marks from Baldwin Travel as they presented the Business Show on Ridge Radio . This a weekly show every Friday morning at 9am whereby Chantal and Matthew discuss a different topic each week to help business owners and entrepreneurs grow their business including guest speakers.

Chantal and Matthew’s guests this week were Sally & Ron Marks from Baldwin Travel.


Here a few of the topics covered on the show:

Your most challenging aspect you have had to overcome in the business

Sally believed this was making the banks undersatand your business industry. She advised that it is essential to have a good relationship with your bank so they can fully nderstand your business needs.

Ron beleived this to be cashflow. In the travel industry, cash flow can be a real problem at thebeginning and the reliance on banks was essential. He agrees with Sally that your business relationship with your bank is imperative.


Your team and rewarding them

Baldwins Travel have a group of 66 staff and treat these as their extended family. They believe that you should always treat others as you want to be treated yourself and by rewarding your staff with praise and thanks is always a wonderful experience for both.

It is very rewarding when awards are won and seeing the pride in the faces of your staff.


Expectations in a family business

Sally and Ron have two of their three children working in the businesss with them. They have always treated the staff in the same way as their family however they both agreed that they expect more from their own family members!



You can listen to Chantal’s radio show via the station website www.ridgeradio.co.uk or using the “tunein” app on any smart phone or tablet.

To list to this week’s show with Sally & Ron Marks, use the link www.mixcloud.com/chantalbaker.

Chantal Baker

Chantal Baker

Chartered Tax Adviser at Champ Consultants
Chantal co-founded Champ Consultants in 1999 and has grown it to be the local business it is today. Chantal has worked with numerous small and medium sized owner managed businesses to help them understand their profits and enable them to maximise the money that their business can make and the money the owners can draw from their business without incurring high tax liabilities.
Chantal Baker
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